Having created such interest with The Giant Knitted Christmas Tree project we found that as soon as it came to an end there were requests for what to do next and this is how the Gingerbread House idea originated. It was to be a life size house, exterior and interior, in its own garden, a much bigger and more challenging project than the tree.

  We wanted the knitters to think of, and create, 3-dimensional knitting and give everyone free range with colour and texture. Cakes of all sizes, sweets, 3D  

furniture, utensils, flowers, gingerbread men are examples of what was needed. We also needed coloured squares, the building blocks of the house.

  The response was overwhelming with finished knitting arriving from all over the UK and abroad. We received Plymouth Rock from Devon and gingerbread men from Portugal

  The finished project was displayed at Atlantic Village throughout the summer of 2007. It created quite a stir with nationwide interest. Thousands of people came to see it  

it and it was also featured on The Graham Norton Show as well as being used as a fashion shoot by The White Stuff Fashion


  Shortly after the house came out of Atlantic Village it began a national tour of the UK as a feature of the ICHF

In 2008 it appeared in the America Craft magazine, which led to it being featured on The Martha Stewart television show in America.

  In February 2009 was featured at a major exhibition in Paris. It then went on to visit Newcastle at the start of April.  Following this it then embarked on an amazing journey to the other side of the world.

  One day in June 2009 I found a message on my phone asking whether we would be willing to take the Gingerbread House to Bangkok in Thailand. It would be there for a few weeks to support the launch of a charity campaign called “ Knit for The Needy”. After many e-mails and phone conversations the house finally left in August 2009 for a 4 week, 9,000 mile sea journey in a shipping container. I flew out in September and was quite relieved that when we came to construct the house everything had arrived safely.

exhibitions. Between September 2007 and April 2008 it visited Exeter, Harrowgate, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool. At every venue it got an amazing reception and was regularly featured on the local television and in the local papers.